“Dekker’s ability…is striking. It would be easy for a memoir dealing with this subject to veer into an angry, ranting outburst, but Dekker’s restrained writing conveys the chaos with refined dignity. Dekker is refreshingly honest…Which makes the story all the more poignant and inspiring.” –Kirkus Reviews   Read the full review

“Positive, inspiring, exemplary and deeply spiritual. One Kid at a Time is an instant classic. I loved it.” –The Reverend Mel White, bestselling author of Stranger at the Gate

“The hope that fills this book should give so many other adoptive parents hope for their children and their futures. While Dekker is a parent, he accurately portrays and describes the dynamics that any adoption/attachment professional would see. Dekker captures the pains and joys of parenthood. His openness and honesty…were refreshing.” –Gregory C. Keck, PhD., Founder/Director of the Attachment and Bonding Center of Ohio, co-author of Parenting the Hurt Child, and author of Parenting Adopted Adolescents.

“When I finished reading this book, I thought it would appeal to all CASA/GAL volunteers. It’s more than inspirational. It reminds us that our work enriches the lives of both children and the adults who care about them.” –Michael S. Piraino, National CASA Association, CEO

“As I was reading “One Kid at a Time,” I began to feel that Jake stole my story. I don’t really mean that he took it, but simply that his story could have been my story. All of the feelings, joys, fears, anger, and sadness that he experienced during the process were nearly the same as mine. I felt that he put words to the experience of many who have adopted older children. In several chapters, Jake admitted to feelings that I’m sure all of us have experienced, but few (including me) want to admit. He describes the anger and fear that his son created for him and even shares several reactions that he regretted. I deeply respect Jake for being willing to share this in such a public way.” –One Inch of Grace Adoption Blog   Read the full review


FIVE STARS “This isn’t a simple feel good fairy tale but an authentically human and successful effort to show up for what life needs from us all…to take care of our world’s children, one kid at a time!” Carol

FIVE STARS “What I loved about the book is that it was so honest and authentic in describing the day-by-day evolution of becoming a father and son. A MUST read for any parent or want-to-be parent.” Katy

FIVE STARS “Adoptive parents will be captivated by this succinctly written, well-organized depiction of one man’s struggle in the process of adopting. It discusses the painful realities of a bloated bureaucracy acting as a parent and the desperate need for reform. You want to circle the wagons as you hear of Jakes hand to hand battles with an antiquated system. It is never too late; you can make a difference as proof in Jake Dekker’s written testimony.” Tyrel

FIVE STARS “Jake not only tells a great story, Jake points to flaws in the system responsible for children like Danny and challenges us each, as individuals, to help work to make that system better; to help create a better, brighter future for kids just like the kid Danny used to be.” Jack

FIVE STARS “Although the community college library where I work doesn’t usually collect this kind of material, we are adding One Kid At a Time.” Linda

FIVE STARS “What an inspirational story and great message to show the need for quality foster homes and adoptive parents! I believe that God has his own good time and for me to have read this and been able to make contacts with our local state adoption supports regarding our baby girl being at risk, His time couldn’t have been more apparent!” Happy Adoptive Momma

FIVE STARS “Best book I’ve seen about the frustration of the system.” S. Matz

FIVE STARS “The best and easiest read on a plane for me in years. I related to Danny having grown up in an abusive home with a Mother who flew into rages, then commenced to whipping me. I thought my story stirred up feelings, until I heard Danny’s. I came away knowing with such clarity why and how they had to meet, how fate and mystery played such an important part and most of all…..with courage, determination and boldness one can conquer his demons, come to terms with life on life terms, and always no matter how bad things are, make a difference by helping others.” Kimbra

FIVE STARS “Above and beyond my expectations! Beautifully written and emotionally fulfilling….I could not put it down! Thank you Jake for telling the truth about the brokenness of our system and for sharing the miracle of Danny! I laughed out loud and wept several times. I purchased copies for my friends and a Kindle edition for myself to read again and again! SIMPLY WONDERFUL BOOK!” Teresa

FIVE STARS “I thoroughly enjoyed this book! My hat is off to Mr. Dekker and his son; and I want to share a Caribbean expression — “Every bread has its cheese”! I think that’s what happened for this family — the bread and cheese found one another!” Antobam

FIVE STARS “What a powerful story of fighting for the right thing in adoption and navigating though the child welfare system.“ Stuart

FIVE STARS “I loved this book. It’s a true story about how much of a difference love can make in a person’s life.” Helen

FIVE STARS “I was so inspired reading Jake Dekkers book. I cried and laughed and was genuinely moved all at the same time. An easy read well worth reading!! Thank you Jake Dekker.” DC

FIVE STARS “As a mom, a teacher, and a potential foster parent I loved this book. My kids are now reading it and I am recommending it to anyone who believes in the difference one person can make.” Anna

FIVE STARS “As a former foster child myself, reading this brought back to my attention how critical it is to change the system and how important having a loving home, a good social worker and a caring CASA are for kids in foster care. One Kid At A Time is a must read book.” Dawna

FIVE STARS “This book was is so inspiring to anyone who reads it. It will touch your heart. The book was so well written and interesting that I wish I would have read slower to make the book last longer.” Candace

FIVE STARS “This is one of the best books I’ve read this year (I read a lot) and I highly recommend it to anyone.” WatchGuy

FIVE STARS “This story made me laugh, cry, cheer, and reflect. It’s a wonderful book that caused me to consider what values matter most in this life. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it.” Kski

FIVE STARS “This is the story of a single man’s experience in saving a “throw-away” child. The author confronts seemingly unbeatable odds according to the child-welfare history and diagnoses applied to a ten year old boy. This real-life adventure story brought me to tears and ultimately to smiles. An inspiring story!!” Jim

FIVE STARS “I have now completed reading “One Kid at a Time” for a second time and am totally taken a back by how this story unfolds. Well done Jake and good luck to you Danny on your journey into a new life.” Chris

FIVE STARS “I will recommend this book to anyone who is interested in taking on a task they think is beyond them. As a psychology student working with clients who were often disadvantaged I found it very helpful to give me a different perspective on what happens for clients when they leave my office. Jake is insightful and inspirational, while at the same time, human, reachable, and real. This goes on the shelf as a book I will refer to and re-read.

FIVE STARS “A must read for anyone considering adoption. Well written and easy to read. Jake did a great job portraying his story.” LDiehl

FIVE STARS “I have to admit finding the story of Danny and Jake touching, humorous, entertaining, and educational. In spite of the fact that I have NO interest in adopting kids, I only put the book down one time from start to finish. Jake was born to write and he knows how to hold a reader’s attention as he unravels the tale of his jousts with the child welfare system. There is a kid somewhere now with a smile on his face who will fall asleep tonight knowing his dad loves him. He just won’t have any idea how much for another twenty years.” Dewey

FIVE STARS “If more could be inspired to risk on love, this book will be a huge success. Systems seem too large to tackle and improve, but Jake has begun the process one kid at a time!” Brenda

FIVE STARS “Definitely one of those books you don’t want to end because you are so involved. I am inspired by the idea that like Jake, we could all make a difference One Kid at a Time.” Mary

FIVE STARS “I tried, but could not put this book down! An inspirational story about a child in the foster care system.” Julie

FIVE STARS “It is an amazing book. I laughed, cried and was appalled. Each page touched my soul and sensibilities. My hat is off to this amazing author who opened himself up, and told his story without holding back on any aspect of his life or the circumstances of this adoption.” Karin

FIVE STARS “One Kid at a Time is like a beautiful song that makes you feel good as it catches you in its lovely melody. An inspiring story eloquently written. I found it impossible to put down.” Susan A.

FIVE STARS “Once in a while a book, movie or song comes along that moves your soul and improves the world we live in. I heard about this book from a friend who is a CASA volunteer and knows I love reading. When she told me about it I wondered why I’d want to read a story about a man adopting a foster kid. She was so passionate about the book that I decided to humor her and read it. I couldn’t put it down. I basically read it in one sitting. To say this book is about a man adopting a foster kid is like saying Schindler’s List is a movie about the Holocaust. This book, like The Secret, reveals the wisdom of finding what is important to you, holding it in your consciousness and going for it no matter what. This is one of those rare books that made me feel like I was a better person simply from reading it. I highly recommend it.” Barbara

FIVE STARS “This is the first book I read in years and I read it in three sittings. Nicely written, exciting story about a real persons life. My wife was impressed that I enjoyed this book enough to actually finish it.” Kevin

FIVE STARS “This book saddens, angers, and finally inspires hope. This true story of Jake’s journey to create a family with Danny, a “thrown-away” kid languishing in the foster system, through love and acceptance and self-discovery is also a call to action to change the foster/adoption system.” Nate